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Apple said to use Samsung components on A7 chip
After much back and forth, it is now rumored that Apple’s forthcoming A7 processor will have at least some Samsung components.A developer told 9to5Mac that he found references to a new A7 chip within the code of the iOS 7 file system. Another person familiar with Apple’s chip design process told 9to5Mac that an analysis of this iOS 7 code revealed that some Samsung components will be used on the supposed chip — most likely those that power the display.This wouldn’t be the first time that Apple has used Samsung components for its processing chips. The A6 chip uses Samsung components, as does the A6X. However, in June, it was rumored that Apple reached a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company for its next generation of chips. It’s possible that Samsung will work on the A7 series of chips and TSMC will do A8, A9, and A9X chips — or that there will be some mixture of the two.It’s been said that the A7 chip is for the rumored iPhone 5S and possibly future iPads.CNET contacted Apple for comment. We’ll update the story when we get more information.Earlier Wednesday, another iOS 7 code sniffer said that he believes three new models of the iPad Mini are on the way, including an “2,8,” “2,9,” and “2,10” which represent higher numbers than Apple’s existing trio of iPad Minis, which are listed in code as “2,5,” “2,6,” and “2,7.”Apple salespeople go online in four countries outside the U.S.
Apple salespeople are now going online in a handful of countries around the world.The iPhone maker today launched an online service that will allow would-be customers looking to buy an iPhone or iPad to chat or hold a call with an Apple Store specialist discussing the ins and outs of those devices. If the person decides to make a purchase, the specialist will set up the product, just as they would in-store.According to Pocket-lint, which was first to report on the launch, the service is only available to customers in the U.K., Brazil, Germany, and Spain. Customers in the U.S. have, at least so far, not been offered the service.Apple has been celebrated for its in-store shopping experience, allowing customers to check out products, ask questions of salespeople who seem knowledgeable, and have the products they choose set up for them before they leave the store. Its online experience is by no means as full-service. It appears the company is now trying to change that.CNET has contacted Apple for comment on when it might launch this new service in other countries. We will update this story when we have more information.